Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Of Wave, Angler And Passing Ship

Sutera Beach, Sabah

There's something about waves...their movements, be it a gentle lapping ripple or crashing breaker ~ always mesmerizing to watch :)

D90 | 18-105mm @18mm | Hitech RGND 0.9s | ISO400 | f/9.5 | 1/6s

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Just A Little Bit

Just A Little Bit by Arief Rasa
Just A Little Bit, a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.

Another reprocessed photo ~ hmm ~ i'm i dire need of new stocks, but..

vertorama two images
D90 | 18-105mm @18mm | Hitech RGND 0.9s | ISO400 | f/9.5 | 1/6s

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sutera Beach

Sutera Beach by Arief Rasa
Sutera Beach, a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.

Sabah, Malaysia

Reprocessing old stocks ~taken during my honeymoon last December ~ i'm lacking new stocks at the moment due to work commitment and dull noon weather.

I will be revisiting Sutera Beach as well as many other places in Sabah on April, and this time it's purely a fotography outing. Can't wait, really :)

Two (2) RAWs | D90 | 18-105mm @18mm | Hitech RGND 0.9 soft | f/9.5 | 1/4s

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hole In One

Hole In One by Arief Rasa
Hole In One, a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.

Tip Of Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia

Old stocks; taken during my honeymoon last December. HDRised to maximise details on the rocks and bring out the cloud textures as well. thank God i shot in RAW!

I'm organising a little trip with few friends to return here in April. with it's dry season we are (hopefully!) going to catch a spectacular sunset and sunrise!

about the post-processing :
1) two original raw files, for top (cloud) and bottom (rocks)
2) i then created two extra copies of each with different exposures - so now i have -2, 0, +2 (sort of bracketed shots) for each images
3) i then merge the bracketed shots in photomatix and save it as .exr (no tonemapping yet)
4) fed the two .exr files into Photoshop and combined to create a single verto image. saved it (still as .exr)
5) opened the verto .exr in photomatix and apply tonemapping.
6) voila!

sounds like a lot of work? actually it took less than 15minutes from start to finish. (i used to tonemapped each images before combining but the result is less satisfactory ~ with uneven toning for top and bottom half. plus, this way i have to do tonemapping twice)

do let me know what you think :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Stuck In The Sands Of Time

Stuck In The Sands Of Time by Arief Rasa
Stuck In The Sands Of Time, a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.

Bagan Lalang sunset

went camping with family and hoping for a good sunset. sadly it was not meant to be. the cloud cover was quite thick. and the sun shined its golden rays only for a fleeting moment.

still, a memorable day all in all :)

i've decided to go against the rule and create this 3 images vertorama with the horizon in the middle.

Bagan Lalang Stars

Bagan Lalang Stars by Arief Rasa
Bagan Lalang Stars, a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.

went camping with my family and took the opportunity to do some nocturnal shots~ it's been quite a while since my last startrail/milky shots.

as expected, there's just a teeny-weeny bit of startrails ~ low-lying clouds and an almost full moon obscured most of the stars.

still, that's a-o-k in my book :)

stacking of 58 x 50s exposures @ISO400, f/3.5

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Come To Me (Again)

Come To Me (Again) by Arief Rasa
Come To Me (Again), a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.

Tip of Borneo
vertorama, HDR.

apart from stitching images to create verto and pano, i'm also really into HDR now so do bear with me. one of the reason i got hooked with HDR (even with single source images) is the details that HDR porcessing brings out. you can say i'm pretty much addicted, yeah :D