Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Hole In One

Hole In One by Arief Rasa
Hole In One, a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.

Tip Of Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia

Old stocks; taken during my honeymoon last December. HDRised to maximise details on the rocks and bring out the cloud textures as well. thank God i shot in RAW!

I'm organising a little trip with few friends to return here in April. with it's dry season we are (hopefully!) going to catch a spectacular sunset and sunrise!

about the post-processing :
1) two original raw files, for top (cloud) and bottom (rocks)
2) i then created two extra copies of each with different exposures - so now i have -2, 0, +2 (sort of bracketed shots) for each images
3) i then merge the bracketed shots in photomatix and save it as .exr (no tonemapping yet)
4) fed the two .exr files into Photoshop and combined to create a single verto image. saved it (still as .exr)
5) opened the verto .exr in photomatix and apply tonemapping.
6) voila!

sounds like a lot of work? actually it took less than 15minutes from start to finish. (i used to tonemapped each images before combining but the result is less satisfactory ~ with uneven toning for top and bottom half. plus, this way i have to do tonemapping twice)

do let me know what you think :)