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Lake Symphony KLCC

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sunrise Outing 15th Feb 2014.

Among the natural attractions at Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) is a beautifully landscaped park with a lush green belt. Some 1900 indigenous trees and 66 species of palms were planted in the park, carefully selected to attract local and migratory birds.

It was a popular spot for local and tourist alike. You can jog at the smoothly paved jogging track, or you can simply take an evening stroll and admire the green scenery, while the young ones can have a wet splash at the shallow wading pool.

View of KLCC Park from a nearby hotel room. Vertorama, HDR

And at the beginning of the park is another popular attraction - a 10,000 square meter man-made pool called "the Lake Symphony", complete with water fountains. At night, beautiful water fountains will wow you with dazzling display of color and dancing water jets. But during early morning, when everything was quite and the crowd practically non-existent, the lake was transformed into a mirror smooth surface - perfect for sunrise reflection shot.

This was my first sunrise outing here. Together with Torex Zul and a new friend Haris from Indonesia, we arrived just as the blue hour was about to start. I was shooting for time lapse as such I had only one chance to get it right in terms of composition. I opted for a 50-50 division between sky and ground to give equal weight to both element. Being reflection shots, this break from the usual "rule of third"  worked nicely.

The followings are the shots processed from the time lapse sequence :
Sunrise - only a barest hint of red at the skyline
the Blue Hour

Triple Lights Composite

I shot about 400 images for the time lapse - enough for a 15 seconds footage. And just right after I stopped the sequence, I spied the sun rising between the buildings, with its sunburst clearly reflected in the calm water. I quickly adjusted the composition a little to the right to position the rising sun at the center of the frame and fired 9 exposures bracketed (-4 to +4 EV) shots to capture all the dynamic range of the scene. Perfect position at a perfect time!

Twin Sunburst at Symphony Lake

The best thing about time lapse is that I can process the sequences as many time as I like, each with different effects :

Static Version

 Pan Left-To-Right

Reversed Sunrise With Zoom Out Effect

Gears, Apps & Equipment:  
Nikon d600
Tamron 17-35mm
Lee 1.2 Hard Grad
For the time lapse sequence  : DSLR Dashboard Apps
For the HDR bracketing : Promote Controller

Until next post, wassalam.

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