Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mirror Sunrise At Darul Quran

Assalamualaikum wbt.

AlhamduliLlah, after a few visits to DQ, on last Febuary 2014 the weather finally symphatise for me hehe...on previous visits I was not so lucky!

Darul Quran is an institute of higher education specializing in the memorization of the Quran and also other fields of Islamic studies. Darul Quran is under the purview of Malaysia's Department of Islamic Development or better known as JAKIM. This campus started operating in November 1998.

Getting there :

From KL, I normally take the North-bound PLUS Highway, exiting at Rawang. Then from Rawang I just head straight to Kuala Kubu Baru on Route 1. Approximately 22kms, take a right turn to Jalan Ampang Pechah. 5km later, you'll reach Darul Quran on your right. 

In each of my visit to DQ, I would always be welcomed by two of the lecturers there, affectionally called as Ustaz An-Namir and Ustaz Buyie. Extremely talented photographer themselves, Ustaz An-Namir, and Ustaz Buyie often played a warm and welcoming hosts to numerous photographers visiting DQ for a chance to capture the beautiful DQ during sunrise. JazakumaLlahu khairan, ya akhi! :)

The Beautiful Darul Quran Mosque, Kuala Kubu, Selangor.
Nikon D600 | Tamron 17-35mm | f/5.6 | 1/40s | ISO50

The mosque pictured here is situated at a lakeside (unoficially) named "Tasik Huffaz". On a windless day, the surface of the lake is mirror smooth, resulting in perfect reflection image. Satisfaction guaranteed! :)

This photo is one of the 789 images of timelapse sequence..possibly the longest that I did so far, from pitch dark untill well past sunrise! I'm processing the timelapse now, so stay tuned! :)

Till then, wassalam.

*Updated 12/04/2014*

The timelapse is now LIVE at Youtube :)

Till my next post,


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