Monday, 23 May 2011

Bagan Lalang - What A Sunset! :)

13th May 2011

Alone and bored :D

all my photographer "kakis" were busy, engaged or otherwise occupied. So it's a lone ranger time.. :p

I have been to Bagan Lalang, or more popularly known as Sepang Gold Coast before but i have not been to this particular spot. Credits to my buddy Khasif for telling me about this spot.

To reach here, from the "ikan bakar" stalls drive past the Golden Palm Tree Resort (on your right) to the end of the road. Park there (ample parking spots here, i assure you :) and walk south about 500 meters to the mangrove swamp. (Note that the area it is accessible only during the low tide). You'll see various sand texture(s) etched by the receding water and wind, plus small creek for nice reflection. another plus is the dead tree formation for nice silhouette play. it's a compo heaven, i tell you :)

Anyway, these are the results of the day outing :

Sand Textures (click to enlarge)

Water Textures

that's it for now, will continue for Bagan Lalang Part II

adios, salam and thanks for reading the post :)

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