Tuesday, 31 May 2011



I would like to reminisce about one of the most beautiful and dramatic place (to me) for sunset scene. I have been to Kelanang Beach five times, with varying results. During low tide, this place is texture and reflection haven.  Twice I've been lucky, the weather was good and the sky awesome. Time to set up the tripod! :) On the other occasions, I was not so lucky- either it rained, or the sky bland ~ but I'll keep on coming back here.

To reach here, it's an hour ++ drive from my place, USJ. Take ELITE highway, exit KLIA and head towards the town of Banting. There'll be ample signboard directing you to the place. Or try searching the location at Wikimapia but I'm not sure whether it's the same spot as mine.

My first visit here was on May 10, 2010. I was driving around trying to find new location and before I knew it, I reached Kelanang. However it was not really a good spot and further the weather was not so good with thick rain cloud in the horizon. Plus, my fotography technique was awful :D

Here are the pictures for that day's solo outing (click to enlarge)
Rotten Roots

Gloomy Day

Feeling Blue

Then I found out from my friend Hairi "SangPhotographer" that I missed the spot - by a mere 500 metres! Due to my incessant pestering he relented and organised an outing with fellow photographers - Badrul, Pinto, Fairuz, TokDin, Along, Razali and few others (all unknown to me before that day). So off we went on June 6th, 2010 to Kelanang. Alhamdulillah, the weather was hot, the sky clear and the tide low.

It's a good place for macro fotography as there are numerous small items (i'm not into macro, though):

Dead & Empty

Small Stump
During low tide, there are plenty of sand textures for that nice foreground details. And I got to try my newly bought Cokin Graduated Filters :)
Gold & Blue

the Dead and the Living

Seeking The Best Spot

In addition, there are also numerous small creeks and shallow pools of water, perfect for leading line and reflection

The Dying Minutes

I was really preoccupied with taking pictures that I failed to notice others had already packed up and left! Alone, it was quite creepy..and the mosquitoes were the hungry lot! Hehe.. 
This is the final picture
After Glow
Overall it was a good outing. After maghrib prayer at a surau nearby, we went to the food court for dinner and post mortem session (meaning : reviewing and envying others' output). As usual it made me very jealous (and slightly depressed) of other people's pictures! 

Signing off for now, to be continued in Kelanang Part II
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