Friday, 27 May 2011

From The Balcony III

From The Balcony III by Arief Rasa
From The Balcony III, a photo by Arief Rasa on Flickr.
SOOC (straight out of camera) except for resize and watermark

yet another sunset expedition with Khasif.
this time at PPR Jelatek, Kuala Lumpur overlooking KLCC

My previous themed From The Balcony & From The Balcony II was shot from the balcony (of course.!!) of the Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highland, MY

From The Balcony :

From The Balcony II (with longer light trail)

back to PPR Jelatek :

The space here was quite tight, and we were shooting in front of somebody's doorway so silence is a must lest we disturb the occupants. Because of limited angle, I didn't get to try many variation in composition. Luckily the sky produced various hues from orange to deep purple and finally fiery red. There were also an awesome purple ROL but I didn't manage to get that. Khasif did and you can check it out here. He was shooting from from the 13th floor while I was on the 14th floor. And there was one guy shooting from the 15th floor.

here are the rest of the pictures (click to enlarge)

in the beginning
more orange

then it turned to purple, then red

the after glow, the so called "blue hour"

and the encore :)

hope you enjoyed the pictures, and I would love to hear your comments and critiques :)