Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Smoke Arts

Salam all.

April 2010

I was bored (again!) and having nothing better to do, I decided to try a "smoking" experiment with my camera based on an article in Digital Camera Magazine (Malaysian Edition) March 2010 issue.
My setup was as follows :

- D90 on tripod
- SB-600 flash on remote (slave) angled sideways
- black shirt as backdrop
- shutter release cable 

The focus was fixed by holding a pencil over the smoke stream, I then focused on the pencil and once the focus was locked I switched to manual focus. As the smoke didn't rise at similar point,  small apperture was used. To ensure steady stream of smoke, the experiment was conducted in a closed room. Yeah, it was hot, stuffy and smoky :D

The source of smoke? My cigarette, two at a time. I "sacrificed" almost half pack of Dunhill, all in the name of experiment. :)

The pictures were shot in RAW, processed in Lightroom and further tweaked in Photoshop. By adjusting the White Balance I produced various colours and hues to the smoky form.

The result (click to enlarge):

More pictures in my facebook album.
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